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Lab Tested. Clean. No Additives. Ever.

The FDA has not approved kratom as a dietary supplement. Our products are NOT intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease. We do not make any medical claims or offer any advice.  Our products are only for sale to legal adults, 18 and over. 21 and over where applicable. Pregnant/nursing women are advised against use. Quantum Botanicals (Quantum Kratom) is not responsible for any use or misuse of our products. Some studies show that kratom may be about as habit forming as coffee.  The following is offered for research purposes only.

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At Quantum Kratom, we believe the independent, scientific research that shows that 100% kratom is safe in its natural form. Because of this all our product is laboratory tested, for purity and bio-safety. We NEVER add anything to our kratom for any reason. We believe this plant is wonderful just as it is and we hope you'll agree.

As of July 2018, we have updated our system to achieve compliance with guidelines set by the "American Kratom Association." Upon receipt from Indonesia, all kratom is quarantined until it passes the lab exam for biological contamination. If the product does not pass it is not sold. As of 7/25/18, all new packaging is stamped with a six digit lot number. This number lines up with a lab report. In addition to testing every lot for bio contamination, kratom is regularly subjected to testing for heavy metals as well as to ensure satisfactory alkaloid content. We are proud to report that our lab results regularly show a 100% clean product, with a very respectable alkaloid content. 

As an additional measure of safety, as of September 2018, every single batch of Quantum Kratom is now treated with our proprietary heat sterilization process. This process not only helps to ensure a clean product, but due to its precision, it actually increases the potency of the alkaloids. We are grateful for our good friends at Green Lea Health for sharing their knowledge. These are just some of the steps we take to help ensure that our customers receive a safe, high-quality product.

We appreciate your business. 

For current lab results, please, visit:

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