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The FDA has not approved kratom for use. Any use of kratom products could cause serious bodily injury or death. Please consult a physician before using. 

It is recommended to use 3 or less (total) servings (1 gram per serving) of kratom per day.

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Balms For External Use

Gift Card

Online Gift Card: Available in 7 different amounts ranging from $20 - $500.


Natural Herbs & Plants that help relieve stress and promote healing.


Accessories such as tea balls, canister, pipettes, scoops, muslin bags for steep herbs

Allied Forces Supplements no kratom

Steding & Sons has developed a new line of supplements under their Allied Forces moniker. These products are

The Perfect Supplements for IMperfect People.

If you are looking for a solution to common problems like lazy legs, lack of focus, hangover, performance or moodiness. of these products may be just what you need*.
*No health claims are being made. No approval by the FDA has been sought or granted.
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