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The FDA has not approved kratom for use. Any use of kratom products could cause serious bodily injury or death. Please consult a physician before using. 

It is recommended to use 3 or less (total) servings (1 gram per serving) of kratom per day.

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Aristotle's Logic Capsules

Try the latest kratom tea blend from 1836.
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Product Details
Introducing the 1836 Kratom Blend Bright White Aristotle's Logic Kratom Capsules, a meticulously crafted product designed to provide a seamless and enhanced kratom experience. Each capsule encapsulates approximately 1 gram of kratom, delivering a precise and convenient dosage for enthusiasts. This unique blend, named after Aristotle's Logic, aims to synergize various kratom strains to offer a well-rounded and harmonious effect. Delve into the world of holistic wellness with these capsules, carefully curated to provide a balanced and satisfying botanical experience. The 1836 Kratom Blend Bright White Aristotle's Logic Kratom Capsules embody a commitment to quality and purity, offering users a discreet and efficient way to incorporate kratom into their daily routine. Elevate your well-being with these thoughtfully formulated capsules, which invite you to explore the natural benefits of kratom without compromise.
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