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The FDA has not approved kratom for use. Any use of kratom products could cause serious bodily injury or death. Please consult a physician before using. 

It is recommended to use 3 or less (total) servings (1 gram per serving) of kratom per day.

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Lazy Luau

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Product Details
Brand: 1836

1836 Lazy Luau Kava Kratom & Ashwagandha Extract Shot 30ml

Introducing the 1836 Lazy Luau, a unique and rejuvenating herbal extract shot in a convenient 30ml bottle. Crafted with care, this exceptional blend combines Kava, Kratom, and Ashwagandha to create a harmonious elixir that promises a blissful experience. The 1836 Lazy Luau encapsulates the rich cultural history of these botanicals, bringing together the soothing properties of Kava, the invigorating effects of Kratom, and the adaptogenic qualities of Ashwagandha. Perfect for those seeking a moment of tranquility or a subtle lift, the 1836 Lazy Luau is an excellent addition to your wellness routine. The 30ml size ensures portability, allowing you to enjoy the benefits on the go. Embrace the synergy of nature with the 1836 Lazy Luau – a carefully curated herbal blend that invites you to unwind and find your serenity.

  • Meticulously crafted herbal extract shot
  • Blend of Kava, Kratom, and Ashwagandha for balance
  • Rich cultural heritage without explicit stress relief mentions
  • Convenient 30ml on-the-go size
  • Subtle lift, tapping into nature's synergy for serenity
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